31 March 1862

March 31st 1862

Dear Brother,

We are now in the land of Dixie within sight of the city of Alexandria and about a mile from it. We are encamped by the side of the railroad which leads to Manassas. We got orders to march last Friday about two o’clock and by four o’clock we were under march for Alexandria with Casey’s whole division. We crossed the Long Bridge a little after dark and kept marching until two o’clock in the morning when we encamped for the night. Taking the canvas which we have to cover our guns for beds, we laid down on the ground and slept until morning when I assure you, the camp presented rather an amusing appearance. Some were lying under the guns — others out in the open air with nothing but their blankets over them. Officers and men were all on a level then, and all glad to take mother earth for a bed and the canopy of heaven for a covering.

On Saturday morning the infantry troops commenced marching towards Alexandria to embark and continued to do so all day Saturday and yesterday. Most of them have now embarked and we have just now got ordered to pack up and march so I must close.

I don’t suppose I will have a chance to write to you very often as we will not have a regular mail and may not get a chance to send. So goodbye for the present. I am well and hope this may find you all enjoying the same great blessing.

Yours in haste, — H. S. Murray


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